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Space Station & Satellite

Once applied to the International Space Station, NuSil's silicone expertise in optical clarity, purity and adhesion are now the choice in commercial space, aviation and the electronics of daily life.

Advanced engineering


From the Mars Rover to the Palm of Your Hand.

NuSil Technology, the global leader in space-grade silicones, brings over 30 years of success developing products for the most extreme environments, from deep inside the human body to the harsh conditions of outer space.

Supported by our high-touch approach to customer care, our best-in-class product lines are the choice across the aerospace, defense, optoelectronics and general electronics industries.

Let us show you how we're transforming the science of silicone into the Chemistry of Care™.



The amount of miles our silicone has traveled through the cosmos.

Space Grade

Our space-grade materials are available in Controlled Volatility and Ultra Low Outgassing lines, both of which are tested to specifications laid out by NASA and the ESA.

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To perform in the harsh conditions of outer space, silicones must be highly purified. NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) require materials to be tested per ASTM E-595 prior to use in space. These materials must meet the specifications outlined in NASA SP-R-0022A and ESA PSS-014-702, with a maximum Total Mass Loss (TML) of 1% and Collected Volatile Condensable Material (CVCM) of less than 0.1%. NuSil considers materials that pass these tests to be of space grade.

Our space-grade materials are offered in two lines: Controlled Volatility (CV) line and Ultra Low OutgassingTM (SCV). CV materials meet or exceed the ≤ 1% TML and ≤ 0.1% CVCM requirements; SCV materials exceed the current ASTM E 595 by an order of magnitude, ≤ 0.1% TMLs and ≤ 0.01% CVCM.

Mass Customization

After 30 years serving the most demanding industries, we've honed our processes and proprietary equipment to deliver customization at a mass scale.

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We know that standard solutions don't always fit. That's why we create customized products based on your unique specifications. And after three decades serving the most demanding industries, we've honed our processes and proprietary equipment to take customization to a mass scale.

Rapid, highly scalable customization is fundamental to our workflow. We can create unique products in small batches or commercial quantities and customize from product to form factor to packaging.

From beginning to end, we offer direct access to a team of chemists, engineers, regulatory experts and technical sales specialists. This collaboration allows us to quickly meet customers' distinct needs at the tightest specs, keeping them ahead of competitive market demands.

Whether you require boutique creations or mass-market offerings, NuSil is committed to creating your products, your way.

NuSil Quality System (NQS™)

Developed in direct response to our work in the most challenging environments, NQS is a systematic approach to achieving consistent quality that goes far beyond what you'd expect.

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NuSil's work in the most challenging environments necessitated a systematic approach to achieving consistent quality. So we developed the NuSil Quality System (NQS), built on a foundation of unsurpassed medical implant and aerospace standards. Three decades later, this approach continues to guide our quality standards for all of the industries that we serve.

With NQS, we go beyond what you would normally expect, combining the best of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 9100 and select cGMP standards. And our chemists and engineers understand that there's no room for failure, so there's zero defect built-in from product design to full-scale manufacturing.

Industry leaders depend on our robust manufacturing capabilities to provide unequaled quality and consistency every time. The combination of NQS, scalability and global regulatory expertise results in operational mastery that takes our products from the lab to commercial scale with speed and dependability.