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Fighter Jet

Defense contractors depend on NuSil to deliver custom material solutions for applications that meet exacting military standards, applications where high temperature and fuel resistance - and the utmost discretion - are the norm.

Advanced engineering



For three decades, NuSil has been a one-stop center of excellence, both for creating silicones with incredibly tight specs and for fabricating components using those materials. Our experience places us on the cutting edge of military technology: with the ability to incorporate proprietary fillers, color match to federal standards and deliver solutions in innovative form factors, we partner with defense contractors to push the limits of what's possible - while providing discreet customer care.

Fabricated Parts for Aircraft

NuSil has a long history of fabricating components for the US government and major government contractors in the defense industry. In these high-visibility settings where failure is not an option, our silicone-fabricated parts are considered mission critical.

We manufacture silicone gaskets for complex engine and power plant systems, silicone tapes and appliques for exterior coatings of aircraft and other manned and unmanned platforms and silicone o-rings for sophisticated electrical and pneumatic systems. These components often incorporate complex, highly proprietary fillers that are too challenging for other third-party component manufacturers.