Electronic Components

In the world of thermal management, NuSil silicones have raised the bar for purity and reliability inside the smallest and most delicate electronic components.

Advanced engineering



Today's quickly minimalizing electronics continue to face heat concerns. NuSil provides off-the-shelf high-purity silicone polymers and essential building blocks to help our industry-leading partners address these unique needs. When the standard off-the-shelf solutions don?t work, we formulate custom solutions that fit customers? process?instead of forcing customers to rethink their process to fit our product.

Silicones for Electronics

As a low-stress alternative for electronic packaging, NuSil silicones allow the designer to choose from a unique line of silicones for various levels of packaging. We have an extensive line of encapsulants, adhesives and greases to choose from. These include thermally and electrically conductive silicones for Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) or for EMI and RFI shielding applications.

Mass customization

After 30 years serving the most demanding industries, we've honed our processes and proprietary equipment to deliver customization at a mass scale.