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The NuSil Institute

Looking for half-day seminars offering a surface introduction to silicone materials? We didn't think so.

NuSil knows you deserve better than that, which is why our Silicone Institute offers an intense, information-rich immersion into the world of silicone materials, an experience incorporating the theoretical and the practical elements of silicone chemistry. We give design engineers the opportunity to work in the R&D department with our silicone chemists, a decidedly hands-on approach by which you'll learn by doing. And our R&D and QA technicians familiarize students with the latest test methods for silicone materials.

Best of all, the curriculum is flexible, tailored to your specific areas of interest - whether it's elastomers, fluids, adhesives or coatings. So forget the bare-bones introduction. Find out what's really new in silicone technology.

NuSil Silicone Institute sessions cover four days and are priced at $3,500. For more information, call +1 (805) 684-8780 or email silicone@nusil.com.