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Space Station & Satellite

Once applied to the International Space Station, NuSil's silicone expertise in optical clarity, purity and adhesion are now the choice in commercial space, aviation and the electronics of daily life.

Advanced engineering


From the Mars Rover to the Palm of Your Hand.

The NuSil™ brand, the global leader in Space Grade silicones, brings over 30 years of success developing products for the most extreme environments, from deep inside the human body to the harsh conditions of outer space.

Supported by our high-touch approach to customer care, our best-in-class product lines are the choice across the aerospace, defense, optoelectronics and general electronics industries.

Let us show you how we're transforming the science of silicone into the Chemistry of Care™.

The extreme conditions inside the human body are as demanding as those of outer space. To create success in these environments, we look beyond standard methods.

We’ve incorporated controls to remove impurities at every step in the manufacturing process. We carefully select our raw materials and custom make equipment that produces the most refined intermediates and the purest finished products.

And we complete this with our Proprietary Purification Technology, purpose-built to produce silicones with the lowest volatility levels.

The result is our Medical Grade Ecosystem, which creates the purest silicones in the industry.


On September 30, 2016, NuSil™ merged with Avantor™ Performance Materials, LLC to create the global leader in ultra-high-purity materials for the life sciences and advanced technology markets.

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