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The Power of Medical-Quality

NuSil brings three decades of global leadership and silicone innovation in the healthcare industry to skin care. Cosmetic companies now have access to the purest silicones to create breakthrough moisturization, anti-aging, sun care, skin repair serums and anti-wrinkle formulations.

Our medical-quality silicone sets the standard for purity in skin care and is built on NuSil’s three decades of experience in the healthcare and aerospace industries.

From healthcare to skin care to customer care, CareSil is transforming the science of silicone into the chemistry of care.


NuSil is pushing the boundaries of cosmetic formulating with our breakthrough encapsulation technology. This novel platform allows silicone and water to coexist without the use of irritating surfactants. The separation of these two mediums, enabled by encapsulation, allows for transformative textures when applied to the skin.

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All of our facilities are ISO 9001-certified, so all of our standard and custom formulations are manufactured under strict, consistent conditions. What does that mean for you? Fully traceable materials, peerless lot-to-lot consistency regardless of batch size, and seamless transition between research and development and full-scale production.