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The extremes of outer space pose unique challenges where the standard silicone solutions rarely apply. The NuSil™ brand's reputation is built on offering custom products in unique form factors, at the lowest volatility levels - and a willingness to innovate where others won't.

In our early days, NuSil™ supported solar arrays on the space station. Today, we've grown to become the premiere brand of silicones for commercial space exploration. Our unparalleled expertise in Ultra Low Outgassing and customization allow us to meet the demands of an industry with an unforgiving margin of error.

With decades of flight heritage in outer space, Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) and Lower Earth Orbit (LEO), our Space Grade silicones are the premium solution in the industry.

Space Grade
NuSil™ Space Grade silicones remain elastic at low temperatures and resist breakdown at high temperatures, offering excellent utility in space where materials are repeatedly exposed to extreme temperatures.

To mitigate volatile materials condensing on important surrounding devices, NuSil™ Low Outgassing and Ultra Low OutgassingTM silicones are used by leading space programs to provide the resilient protection they require to prevent contamination and material degradation. NASA and ESA require materials to be tested per ASTM E595 prior to use in space and NuSil™ Space Grade materials meet or exceed these requirements.

What Is Space Grade?

Discover what it takes to make silicones worthy of the distinction "Space Grade" and the rigorous testing that these materials undergo.

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