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Drug Delivery


We created Trelyst to change the world of drug delivery. By harnessing the power of silicone, Trelyst is creating revolutionary devices that get life-altering medications to patients with immediate adherence and sustained delivery.

Structured to Innovate
With its chemical degrees of freedom and mechanical flexibility, silicone is redefining drug delivery as we know it. This versatile polymer can be customized to any specification ensuring precise delivery of your drug over the time frame you've outlined.

Our team is pioneering new ways to transform silicone to meet the adherence needs of our clients. And with our integrated, all-in-one development solution, we’ve accelerated the entire combination drug device process from start to finish.

We're Delivering Change
New drug compounds can solve more problems, but what good are these novel solutions if patients don’t use them? 50% of all patients aren’t taking their medicines as prescribed.

We’re dedicated to helping patients adhere to the life-changing medications they need. The drug delivery devices we build take the burden of adherence off the patient, so your drug can do precisely what you created it to do.

Our targeted problem-solving and concept-to-commercial support accelerates development and success for our clients, making Trelyst a one-stop center of excellence in silicone-based drug delivery.


We created Trelyst, a wholly owned subsidiary, to expand silicone-based drug delivery and help bring novel delivery systems to market faster.

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