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We bring our deep expertise in medical implants to the general healthcare industry, and we manufacture all of our Biomaterials products to the same medical-grade standards.

Whether you select the Premium Care line - for applications that may require customization, specialized packaging and a higher level of regulatory support - or the Class VI Line, which delivers cost efficiencies, standard packaging and the testing necessary for high-volume applications, our relationships are always supported by NuSil™ Care, our premium, personalized customer service practices.

Customization Mastered
We know that standard solutions don’t always fit. That’s why we create customized products based on our customers’ unique applications. And after three decades serving the most demanding industries, we’ve honed our processes and proprietary equipment to take customization to a mass scale.

Today, we have over 3,000 standard products that can easily be mass customized to your precise, unique specifications. Whether you require boutique creations or mass-market offerings, NuSil™ is committed to creating your products, your way. Read More

Discover How Silicone Lubricants Improve Medical Device Performance

Consider how you can reduce break-loose, insertion or drag forces and friction in your medical device by using one of our off‐the‐shelf medical grade lubricious silicones. Our team is ready to collaborate with you to provide solutions to satisfy your unique requirements.