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Skin care

Health is beautiful

Beauty is an extension of health. Building on our innovations in general healthcare, in 2013 we introduced CareSil, a brand of skin care silicones specifically designed to serve the personal care industry.

Born of innovation at a molecular level, the CareSil brand represents the most advanced and pristine silicones in skin care. Starting with CareSil CES, the world's first and only fully encapsulated silicone for surfactant-free formulations, CareSil enables manufacturers to accelerate the development of revolutionary products that fulfill their customer's most ambitious dreams for beautiful, healthy, younger-looking skin. With transformative textures and high-end luxury at little added cost, CareSil is how the future of skin care feels.

CareSil Encapsulated Technology (CES)
CareSil is pushing the boundaries of cosmetics formulation. Born of advanced microfluidic technology, CareSil's CES (CareSil Encapsulated Silicones) is the world's first and only surfactant-free, fully encapsulated silicone. CES creates transformative textures when applied to the skin and fast-forwards breakthroughs in skin care.

Call it hard science that's soft to the touch: tiny microcapsules of the most pristine silicone in skin care suspended in a transparent, irritant-free hydrophilic gel. CareSil's CES line wows users with a two-part application sensation: an immediate fresh and light feeling, followed by the premium touch of silicone as the capsules break on the skin.
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CareSil Encapsulation Technology
Encapsulation Technology

Watch our CareSil team explain the breakthrough Encapsulation Technology and demonstrate how easy it is to create transformative formulations with CES.

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