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Beauty Routine

Multi-step Skincare Routines, One Transformative Ingredient.

Inspired by Asia, CareSil is on trend with next generation skin care products that their customers don't just apply, but experience.

And to formulate these lighter, fresher products for simpler skincare routines, we offer CES (CareSil Encapsulated Silicone), the perfect balance between water and silicone.

To demonstrate the simplicity of formulating with CES, we present the NuSil Beauty Routine:


CareSil Pump

Morning Dew
On-the-go intense moisturizing mist


Begin the new CareSil Beauty Routine by pampering your skin with CareSil’s Morning Dew, a transparent sprayable Surfactant-free Silicone (SFS) emulsion.

This fresh and watery mist transforms into a smooth and powdery film once spread on your skin, despite the high amount of glycerin.

To view the formulation data sheet, click here.


CareSil Eye Dropper

Refreshing serum, 3-step evolutive texture


Tri-Volution is the second step of the CareSil Beauty Routine. A cushiony, fresh and powdery smooth serum, it will boost your skin in the morning.

It features CES-1104 which provides freshness and a premium sensory feel through a transformative texture.

To view the formulation data sheet, click here.


CareSil Jar

New White
Light and creamy shape memory emulsion


Comfort your skin with CareSil’s New White, a memory shape cream, featuring our encapsulated silicone technology CES-1104.

Its light and fresh film results in smooth lines, a refreshing feel and a moisturizing, comforting texture.

To view the formulation data sheet, click here.


CareSil Sunscreen

Mineral UV Veil
Extra-fluid SPF 50, UVA/UVB


Mineral UV Veil is a fast drying, “extra-fluid” facial lotion. It provides complete protection against UVA and UVB rays and an estimated SPF 50 without a greasy feel.

Our CES-1104 reduces tack, gives a fresh feel during application and brings a super smooth and powdery film to this lotion.

To view the formulation data sheet, click here.


CareSil Lip Gloss

Marsala Liquid
Fresh, comfortable and long lasting liquid lipstick


Complete our CareSil Beauty Routine with a bold color to enhance your perfect complexion. This liquid lipstick will form a bright and long lasting film provided by our high viscosity gum CSF-3504.

Super easy and fresh during application, it is also very comfortable to wear and non-tacky, all thanks to our encapsulated elastomer CES-1104.

To view the formulation data sheet, click here.