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Low / High Temperature,*4 ) Primed Lap Shear 200 psi (4.1 MPa), Optically Clear


  • Two-part, low viscosity clear RTV silicone
  • Designed for enhanced performance in extreme low and high temperatures
  • 10:1 Mix Ratio (Part A:Part B)


  • For applications requiring low outgassing and minimal volatile condensables under extreme operating conditions
  • As an embedding or potting compound for environmental protection of electronic assemblies and components
  • Provides protection from extremes in temperature, humidity, radiation, thermal stress and mechanical stress
  • Low viscosity for applications requiring superior flow

Meets or exceeds the ASTM E 595 low outgas specifications outlined in NASA SP-R-0022A and European Space Agency PSS-014-702, with a TML of ≤1% and CVCM of ≤0.1%

Product Details

Property Average result
Cure System Platinum
Viscosity 5,300 cP
Lap Shear 200 psi
Durometer 40 Type A
Appearance Transparent
Cte 490 ppm/°C
Cure 4 hours / 65 °C
Elongation 100 %
Mix Ratio 10:1
Refractive Index 1.43
Specific Gravity 1.04
Tensile 650 psi
Work Time 2 hours
Comment Low / High Temperature,*4 ) Primed Lap Shear 200 psi (4.1 MPa), Optically Clear
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The above properties are tested on a lot-to-lot basis. Do not use as a basis for preparing specifications. Please contact NuSil Technology for assistance and recommendations in establishing particular specifications.

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