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  • Two-part, translucent, thixotropic, high tear strength silicone system
  • Cures at room temperature and will cure rapidly with the application of heat in an oven, or by a heat gun or lamp
  • Many bonding applications do not require the use of a silicone primer for suitable adhesion
  • Does not require atmospheric moisture to cure
  • No curing byproducts such as acetic acid or methyl alcohol
  • Consistency allows product to be supplied in easy-to-use, airless side-by-side kits that eliminate mixing and deairing difficulties
  • Work time of ~ 15 minutes
  • Cures in less than 24 hours at room temperature
  • Cures via addition-cure chemistry
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio (Part A: Part B)


  • Well suited for use as an adhesive for bonding and sealing silicone materials
  • For applications requiring the bonding of silicone to metals, urethanes and various other substrates
  • For rapid production or prototyping due to a rapid cure

NuSil Technology’s MED1-4013 shall not be considered for use in human implantation for a period of greater than 29 days.

Product Details

Property Average result
Cure System Platinum
Tack Free Time 15 minutes
Durometer 20 Type A
Mix Ratio 1:1
Appearance Translucent
Cure 24 hours / RTV
Elongation 800 %
Extrusion Rate 15 g/minute
Lap Shear 110 psi
Peel Strength 17 lbf/in
Specific Gravity 1.11
Stress @ Strain 120 psi / 200 %
Tear 130 ppi
Tensile 1,000 psi
Viscosity 142,500 cP
Work Time 15 minutes
Comment Thixotropic, RTV, Fast Cure
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The above properties are tested on a lot-to-lot basis. Do not use as a basis for preparing specifications. Please contact NuSil Technology for assistance and recommendations in establishing particular specifications.

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