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Medium penetration, soft responsive gel


  • A high purity, clear silicone gel manufactured under controlled conditions
  • Easy mixing two-component, low viscosity system
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio (Part A: Part B)


  • Ideal for backfilling and dampening
  • Suitable for applications requiring a high purity, very soft, clear, low viscosity silicone gel
  • NuSil Technology can formulate custom materials to meet specific penetration requirements

NuSil Technology’s MED1-6300 may be considered for use in human implantation for a period of greater than 29 days.

Product Details

Property Average result
Penetration 5 mm
Viscosity 1,000 cP
Mix Ratio 1:1
Appearance Translucent
Cure 5 hours / 140 °C
Cure System Platinum
Non-Volatile Content 99.9 %
Specific Gravity 0.98
Volatile Content 0.1 %
Comment Medium penetration, soft responsive gel
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The above properties are tested on a lot-to-lot basis. Do not use as a basis for preparing specifications. Please contact NuSil Technology for assistance and recommendations in establishing particular specifications.

What is Medical Grade?

Discover how Medical-grade silicones are specifically designed, manufactured and purified to meet the strictest needs of the healthcare industry.

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