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Class VI





  • A two-part, high consistency elastomer designed for optimal performance in a wide range of applications
  • Produces a tough, durable, translucent elastomer when thermally cured
  • Has a non-tacky surface and no volatile byproducts or peroxide residues
  • Advantages include: lot-to-lot consistency and cost-effectiveness
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio (Part A:B)


  • For a wide variety of fabrication techniques for the healthcare industry including: molding, calendering and extruding
  • Can be used with NuSil’s Healthcare color masterbatches for applications requiring colored silicones

Regulatory Support
NuSil Technology’s Class VI (C6) products meet the requirements defined in ISO-10993 for Surface Devices with “limited” (<24 hours) or “prolonged” (1 to 30 days) contact duration

After post-cure, material meets or exceed the extraction requirements for FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2600 “Rubber Articles Intended for Repeated Use (Food Contact)” NuSil Technology’s SIL2-5060 shall not be considered for use in human implantation for a period of greater than 29 days.

Product Details

Property Average result
Durometer 60 Type A
Tensile 1,300 psi
Elongation 920 %
Tear 255 ppi
Appearance Translucent
Cure 15 minutes / 165 °C
Cure Rate Scorch 0.15 minutes
Cure Rate T10 0.12 minutes
Cure Rate T90 0.2 minutes
Cure System Platinum
Mix Ratio 1:1
Specific Gravity 1.19
Stress @ Strain 380 psi / 200 %
Work Time 11 hours
Comment Designed for High Volume Extrusion or Molding
Display in metric units

The above properties are tested on a lot-to-lot basis. Do not use as a basis for preparing specifications. Please contact NuSil Technology for assistance and recommendations in establishing particular specifications.

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