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We've brought the benefit of decades of flight heritage and pioneering technologies in LED to the challenges faced by commercial aircraft.

Advanced engineering



We leverage years of experience in optoelectronics and aerospace to provide the commercial aircraft industry with innovative technologies, both inside the cockpit (digital avionics displays) and out (de-icing, fabricated parts and other paints and coatings). Our solutions are created to meet demands for fuel efficiencies while considering ever-present safety concerns.

Silicone Parts for Aircraft
We're equipped to produce components that may be too challenging for other third-party manufacturers. These include silicone gaskets for complex engine and power plant systems, silicone tapes and appliques for exterior aircraft coatings and silicone o-rings for sophisticated electrical and pneumatic systems.

Broad Operating Temperature
The NuSil™ brand of broad operating temperature silicones are optimized to remain flexible at extremely low temperatures and to resist breakdown at elevated temperatures. Our silicones are proven in these environments through heritage in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO).

Ice Release Coatings
Ice buildup is a serious problem with a major economic impact on the aircraft industry. Silicone ice release coatings can significantly reduce ice adhesion when applied to aerodynamic surfaces.
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NuSil Care
NuSil™ Care

High-risk industries demand a higher level of care. Over decades, we’ve refined our support systems to meet the high-touch needs of our customers, delivering support throughout the entire commercialization process.

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