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Touch Screens

Flat- and touchscreen displays benefit from NuSil's optically clear, highly purified silicone materials.

Advanced engineering



The NuSil™ brand, one of the original pioneers in silicones for LED, brings space quality and purity to optoelectronics. From our proprietary high refractive index technology to low refractive index silicones, our formulation skills allow us to sell a wide range of optically clear and high temperature resistant products.

NuSil™ has been a credible brand to the optoelectronics industry for over a decade. Our silicones are ideal for the ever-growing size of digital displays, the increasing heat concerns and the constant need for materials of the highest purity. And as we are basic in phenyl, we can offer the widest range of refractive index-matching silicones in the industry.

Along with all of this, NuSil™ offers rapidly and economically scalable options to ensure speed to market.

Optical Clarity
Manufacturers face a number of challenges when creating LCD displays that can be viewed in a wide range of light conditions, or when developing smaller, thinner screens to meet the need for wearable or more portable personal electronics.

The NuSil™ brand helps manufacturers address these challenges by offering Optically Clear Silicone Gels with a range of reflective index (RI) values from 1.38 to 1.54. With a choice of RI values, engineers can match the optical index of their screen's cover glass with the silicone gel that backs it to eliminate display washout in bright light without the need to increase LED output. The gels also provide soft and low modulus to absorb stress, reduce impact and improve ruggedness in newer, thinner displays.

Specialty Silicones for Displays

The NuSil™ line of optoelectronic silicones enable device manufacturers from smart phones to stadium screens and everything in between to create next-generation displays that are sharper, brighter and more rugged.

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