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Avantor® to Highlight NuSil™ Brand Silicone Technology at MD&M West 2018

Center Valley, PA (USA) – January 25, 2018 – Avantor® is exhibiting at MD&M West 2018, February 6-8 in Anaheim, CA, where the company will highlight its NuSil™ brand of high-purity biomaterials, including lubricious silicone solutions and innovative in-situ cure technology for liquid silicone rubber.

Booth to showcase portfolio of -high-purity silicones, including bio-compatible lubricants and in-situ cure technology for medical grade liquid silicone rubbers

Experts will be in Booth 2026 to discuss the company’s full range of products and solutions for life sciences applications, including medical implants, general healthcare and drug delivery.

“Our team is eager to solve challenges and enable the success of our customers,” said Corey Walker, Executive Vice President, Biomaterials and Advanced Technologies. “With over 40 years of experience, NuSil has the ability and commitment to collaborate with customers by providing unique solutions with comprehensive regulatory support.”

Lubricious Silicones for Medical Device Lubrication

NuSil™ experts will be available to discuss applications for the company’s advanced line of lubricious silicones for use with medical devices.

Medical devices can benefit from high-performance, bio-compatible silicone lubricants to reduce friction. Other desirable properties of lubricious silicones for medical devices include oxidative resistance, chemical inertness and hydrophobicity.

NuSil™ lubricious silicones are available in a broad portfolio of off-the-shelf solutions including self-lubricating elastomers as well as dispersions, fluids and greases. In addition, NuSil™ applications experts can work with medical instrument and device manufacturers to customize the company’s lubricious silicones to desired coefficient of friction (COF) and durability levels.

In-Situ Cure of Liquid Silicone Rubbers

NuSil™ continues to innovate with its prefilled, sterilizable dispensing system enabling specific uncured liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) to be cured in-situ.

Medical grade LSRs are widely used for a broad range of implantable medical devices, including cardiovascular, neurological, urological, ophthalmic and aesthetic applications.

Typically, LSRs are used to fabricate cured devices outside the body, and then the device is implanted via surgery. NuSil™’s patented technology allows medical device manufacturers to create devices that can be cured in-situ.

Designed specifically to allow sterilization of the uncured medical grade LSR, the NuSil™ packaging solution features a double-cartridge prefilled dispensing system. Each cartridge in the dispenser has a gas-permeable plunger seal, allowing the ethylene oxide sterilant to pass through to the contents of the barrels as well as the entire system assembly.

Key features of the packaging system include:

  • Disposable syringes available in multiple sizes—5, 10, 25, 50 and 75 ml
  • Engineered for use in complete surgical kits
  • Allows one-step sterilization of LSR components and packaging

Visit www.nusil.com for information on Avantor’s NuSil™ brand silicone products and capabilities.

For information about Avantor visit: www.avantorsciences.com or twitter.com/avantor_news or www.facebook.com/AvantorInc.

About Avantor

Avantor is a leading global provider of integrated, tailored solutions for the life sciences and advanced technology industries. Strengthened by the recent acquisition of VWR, the Company is a trusted end-to-end partner to customers and suppliers from discovery to delivery. With operations in more than 30 countries and a diverse portfolio that includes more than four million products, Avantor enables customer success through innovation, cGMP manufacturing and comprehensive service offerings. Collectively, we set science in motion to create a better world. For more information visit www.settingscienceinmotion.com.

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