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Avantor to Highlight NuSil™ Brand Silicone Technology at Medtec China 2017

Center Valley, PA (USA) – August 24, 2017 –  Avantor® is exhibiting at Medtec China 2017, September 20-22 in Shanghai, where the company will highlight its advanced NuSil™ brand liquid silicone rubber technology, and provide information on NuSil™ brand medical grade soft silicone adhesives.

Technology experts will be in booth K310 to discuss the company’s full range of ultra-high-purity biomaterials for use in life sciences applications, including medical implants general healthcare and drug delivery.

“Our global team looks forward to sharing our latest advances with customers in the China medical device industry,” said Corey Walker, Executive Vice President, Biomaterials and Advanced Technologies. “For more than 40 years, NuSil™ has been the global leader in medical grade silicones, setting quality, purity and care standards to create the industry’s purest silicone materials for use in medical devices.” 

Soft Silicone Adhesives

The family of NuSil™ brand medical grade soft silicone adhesives for the life sciences industry is available with multiple products, providing a range of adhesion and viscosity to serve different applications.

Soft silicone adhesives are used in many significant medical product applications. For example, one growing application in advanced wound care is moist wound healing treatments. Soft silicone dressings have been shown to improve wound healing, and are atraumatic, meaning they are non-adherent to the wound.

Two key properties that must be engineered effectively in soft silicone adhesives are adhesion and viscosity. With adhesion, the desired characteristics depend on the end application. For some uses, such as wound dressings or scar reduction treatments, high adhesion is required so that the product adheres to the skin for an extended period of time. Low adhesion is important for applications in wound care where the product will be in direct contact with the wound bed.

The viscosity in a soft silicone adhesive is an important production consideration. The choice of viscosity is dependent on the methods used to produce the final product, the types of substrates that the silicone adhesive will be applied to, and the desired thickness of the silicone in the end application.

The company is actively developing new additions to the NuSil™ brand line of soft silicone adhesives to better satisfy customer-specific adhesion and viscosity requirements.

Next-Generation Liquid Silicone Rubbers

Avantor will also showcase its advanced line of NuSil™ brand medical grade liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs). These LSRs are designed specifically for liquid injection molding of precision components for implantable lifesaving, life-changing medical devices.

NuSil™ brand MED-5800 series LSRs feature more efficient rheometry, or “cure profiles,” and more consistent viscosities. The result is better in-mold performance, which includes minimal scorch, more efficient fills, lower flash, shorter cure times and less waste in manufacturing.

These unique characteristics allow fabricators of critical implantable devices to achieve higher yields and faster throughput. Formulated with a focus on processing parameters, the new LSRs also feature excellent lot-to-lot consistency for highly predictable, highly reliable manufacturing results.

The MED-5800 series LSRs are available in ranges from 20 to 70 durometer. As with all NuSil™ brand products, they are backed by industry-leading levels of customer service and technical and regulatory support, including the filing of Master Files (MAFs).

For information on NuSil™ brand products and capabilities, please visit www.nusil.com.

For information about Avantor visit: www.avantorsciences.com or twitter.com/avantor_news or www.facebook.com/AvantorInc.

About Avantor
Avantor is a global supplier of ultra-high-purity materials for life sciences and advanced technology customers. The company provides performance materials and solutions for the production and research needs of approximately 7,900 customers across the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, aerospace & defense, and semiconductor industries.

Avantor’s product portfolio includes more than 30,000 products that meet increasingly stringent standards across technology driven and highly regulated markets. Avantor manufactures and markets its products around the world under several respected brand names. Avantor’s brands of performance chemistries include the J.T.Baker®, Macron Fine Chemicals™, Rankem™, BeneSphera™, Puritan Products™, and POCH™ brands. Avantor’s brands of advanced silicones include the NuSil™ and CareSil brands. For more information visit www.AvantorInc.com

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Senior Vice President, Global Communications