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Carpinteria, California, (March 17, 2016) — NuSil Technology LLC (http://www.nusil.com) is pushing the boundaries of cosmetics formulation. Born of advanced microfluidic technology, CareSil's CES (CareSil Encapsulated Silicones) is the world's first and only surfactant-free, fully encapsulated silicone. CES creates transformative textures when applied to the skin and fast-forwards breakthroughs in skin care.

Call it hard science that's soft to the touch: tiny microcapsules of the most pristine silicone in skin care suspended in a transparent, irritant-free hydrophilic gel. CareSil's CES line wows users with a two-part application sensation: an immediate fresh and light feeling, followed by the premium touch of silicone as the capsules break on the skin.

The feeling is functional as well. By combining the refreshing touch of a water-based product with the long-lasting properties of silicone, CES has the potential to improve skin hydration and preserve the effectiveness of active ingredients in anti-aging serums and other advanced skin care products, all without the heavy feel of traditional silicones. Free of surfactants, CES can be used to formulate modern looking, crystal clear emulsions as well as products designed for sensitive skin types.

Getting to the future faster, for less

CareSil's CES also represents a huge breakthrough for R&D and manufacturing. In the past, developing a new skin care product with a silicone component meant starting from scratch with an entirely new emulsion. Today's future-minded cosmetic companies can simply introduce CES into existing formulations (post-add) to quickly develop new, high-end luxury products with both dramatically improved "feel" and better results for little added cost.

As production scales, CES creates even more time and cost savings: there's no pre-mix required, its low viscosity makes it easier to pump, and clean-up is simple because it's water compatible.

"People in this market thought that everything had already been invented, but this surfactant-free 'silicone in a capsule’ is truly new," says Michel Bassens, NuSil's Marketing & Sales Director, Skin Care. "We've created this perfect balance between water and silicone so cosmetics companies can accelerate development of an entirely new generation of high-end, water-based skin care products that their customers don't just ‘apply’ but ‘experience’. The possibilities are exciting, and endless." For more information, please contact NuSil at +1 805-684-8780, or visit www.nusil.com/caresil.


About NuSil Technology LLC and the CareSil Brand

NuSil Technology, the global leader in medical and space-grade silicones, draws on over three decades of manufacturing expertise and innovation to develop products used in the most extreme environments – from deep inside the human body to the harsh conditions of outer space. The result of a deep commitment to engaging with our customers as collaborators, our best-in-class product lines are the choice for innovators in drug delivery, medical implants, general healthcare, skin care and advanced engineering.

Born of innovation at a molecular level, the CareSil brand represents the most advanced and pristine silicones in skin care. Starting with CareSil CES, the world's first and only fully encapsulated silicone for surfactant-free formulations, CareSil enables manufacturers to accelerate the development of revolutionary products that fulfill their customer's most ambitious dreams for beautiful, healthy, younger-looking skin. With transformative textures and high-end luxury at little added cost, CareSil is how the future of skin care feels.

NuSil operates state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing facilities for in North America and provides on-site, in-person application engineering support worldwide. For more information visit www.nusil.com or www.caresil.com.