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NuSil™ Expert to Speak at the 2018 Silicone Elastomers US Summit

Center Valley, PA (USA) – May 30, 2018 – Agnes Steckler, Ph.D., a technologist for Avantor’s NuSil™ brand of advanced silicone materials, will deliver a case study presentation on the topic "Thinking Outside the Conventional Silicone Box" at the 2018 Silicone Elastomers US Summit in Cleveland, Ohio.

Her presentation takes place during the “Exploring Silicone Elastomers” segment of Session III on Wednesday, June 27, in the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center.

Steckler's presentation will focus on a new material that was created and tailored to address a specific need. The application required a material that will perform in an extremely low-temperature environment. The only option available was a conventional silicone, unsuitable for the application. Through collaboration and deep knowledge of the versatility of silicone, the NuSil™ product team developed a custom solution to meet the material, processing and regulatory requirements.

“With today’s rapid technology advances, there is an ever-growing desire for customized silicones to meet new, highly specific performance and processing expectations while keeping up with regulatory requirements in both the medical and advanced technology industries,” said Steckler. “Leading manufacturers are facing a number of challenges involving novel end-use applications where off-the-shelf materials do not satisfy their requirements. We stress the importance of collaboration with our customers throughout the entire product development process. This is a key factor to successfully design and manufacture application-specific silicone materials.”

Steckler is a materials science bioengineer for the NuSil™ brand. Her industry specializations include formulation and design of specialty custom silicones, case-specific tailoring of application-specific test methods and research of silicone-based materials.

Visit www.nusil.com/en/contact or email silicone@nusil.com for information on NuSil™ brand silicone elastomers.

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