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Lubricious Silicones

The NuSil™ brand offers a wide range of silicone lubricants to improve the performance of medical devices. See the difference we can make in yours.

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Lubricious Silicone

Lubricious Silicones

Achieve Optimum Performance With Our Broad Product Portfolio.

When you are considering how to reduce break-loose, insertion or drag forces in your medical device, it’s helpful to review a range of lubricious silicone solutions. That’s why the NuSil™ brand provides:

  • A broad portfolio of off-the-shelf lubricious silicone solutions  from dispersions to fluids and greases to curable low-COF coatings
  • Customization to meet desired properties for lubricity, substrate compatibility,  performance characteristics and cure chemistries

Consult with us to learn how NuSil™ brand biocompatible silicone lubricants can significantly reduce friction in your application.

Making the Optimal Choice Is Easy With This Guide
1. Consider the substrate
    › Metal     Glass     Plastic     Silicone
   Will the lubricant contact silicone parts?
2. Consider the type of force reduction needed in your design
  • Lower insertion force for needles, cannulas, trocars, cutting edges
  • Reduce drag (on other components or skin) for catheters, guidewires, cutting edges
  • Minimize break-loose force for valves, stopcocks
3. Consider solvent vs. solvent-free needs
4. Other considerations
  • If a hydrophobic coating function is needed — e.g., for syringe barrels — consider MED-361
  • If a dry, non-migrating lubricant is needed, consider   MED10-6670 and MED10-6671
  • Otherwise, lubricants are considered “wet” if they do not use a completely cured/crosslinked formulation
  • Some wet lubricants are fluids with no curing; others are loosely crosslinked/cured to provide a lubricant with limited flow/migration
For efficient, one-step lubrication, consider NuSil™ brand self-lubricating elastomers where your concern is:
  • Improving productivity
  • Eliminating silicone blocking and slit healing
  • Getting convenient off-the-shelf or custom solutions
Find Medical-Grade Lubricious Silicone Products
There are several types of silicones used to lubricate and siliconize devices: fluids/oils and greases, dispersions, curable coatings and even self-lubricating silicone elastomers. Some key factors to consider when selecting the right silicone lubricant are viscosity, cure characteristics and functionality.
Look Into the NuSil™ Portfolio for
Advanced Lubricious Silicone Solutions

For over 20 years, the NuSil™ brand has offered a wide range of silicone lubricants for use in medical devices. The NuSil™ brand lubricious silicone team is ready to collaborate with medical device designers to provide medical-grade lubricious silicone solutions to satisfy your unique force reduction and material requirements. We look forward to working with you to advance the application of lubricious silicone in medical devices.

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