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The NuSil™ Brand Story

For more than 40 years, the NuSil™ brand has set the global standard in medical and space-grade silicones, advancing purity and quality while redefining expectations in customer care.

Since 2016, the NuSil™ brand has been part of Avantor®, the global leader in ultra-high-purity materials for the biomaterials and advanced technologies markets.

Our Brand

The NuSil™ brand was born out of two especially demanding industries, medical implants and aerospace, each of which requires the highest level of care.

Over decades and across all facets of Biomaterials and Advanced Technologies, we've refined our business practices into a specific business philosophy.

We define this philosophy through our:

  • Unconventional thinking
  • Ability to customize on a mass scale
  • Commitment to advancing purity standards
  • Exacting Quality System
  • High-touch customer service (NuSil™ Care)

With a heritage that reaches back more than a century, Avantor® is a global manufacturer and distributor of mission critical products, services and solutions to the life sciences, advanced technology and applied materials industries. From breakthrough discovery to agile delivery of the most innovative materials and solutions, we have a mission: to set science in motion to create a better world.

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Unconventional Thinking From Our Early Beginnings1/5

When the NuSil™ brand was created in the late 1970s, many multinational chemical companies were focused solely on the needs of the mass market, forcing innovators to compromise their processes to fit available materials. We saw an opportunity to bring custom solutions to the market.


When Dick Compton and Del Petraitis founded the NuSil™ brand in the late 1970s, they did so to fill an unmet need in the silicone industry. The large multinationals at the time built products to meet only the needs of a select few. That forced innovative companies to mold their processes to fit existing materials. By customizing materials to fit specific application needs, we changed the way innovators designed silicone-based products.

When our customers needed purer product to function deep in outer space and inside the body, we created our proprietary purification technology. (1982)

When a crisis in the medical implants industry in the early 90s saw large silicone suppliers exiting the market segment, we went against the grain and stepped up our supply commitment.

In 1999, when supplies of key raw materials and ingredients were limited, we became self-sufficient by vertically integrating to ensure continuity of supply.

When our aerospace and defense customers were challenged by the complexities of fabricating with silicones, we moved from a raw material supplier to a one-stop center of excellence and a partner in silicone manufacturing, from materials to finished parts. (2005)

We continue to think outside the box today by expanding our innovations in the drug delivery, skin care and electronics industries, finding new solutions to our customers' most difficult challenges.

From Custom-Made to Mass Customization2/5

From the beginning, our mission has been to design silicones to meet our customers' needs. Today, we've honed our processes and proprietary equipment to deliver customization at a mass scale.


We know that standard solutions don't always fit. That's why we create customized products based on our customers' unique applications. And after three decades serving the most demanding industries, we've honed our processes and proprietary equipment to take customization to a mass scale.

Rapid, highly scalable customization is fundamental to our workflow. We can create unique products in small batches or commercial quantities, and we can customize from product to form factor to packaging.

From start to finish, we offer direct access to a team of chemists, engineers, regulatory experts and technical specialists. This collaboration allows us to quickly meet customers' distinct needs at the tightest specs, keeping them ahead of competitive market demands.

All of this takes place in manufacturing campuses in Carpinteria, California; Bakersfield, California or Irving, Texas and is served in multiple technical support sites in North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

Whether you require boutique creations or mass-market offerings, the NuSil™ brand is committed to creating your products, your way.

Redefining Purity Standards in Silicones3/5

We understand that quality is essential to our customers' success. We continue to advance purity standards by producing silicones with the highest levels of purity in the industry.


Our foundation as a brand, and our commitment to the highest level of purity, is built upon our medical heritage and the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry, where the need for purity is paramount.

Purity informs everything we do, from our medical grade ecosystem to how we select raw materials. It's integrated into the design of our custom-built equipment and completed with our proprietary purification technology.

The NuSil™ medical grade ecosystem incorporates controls that remove various forms of impurities at every step in the manufacturing process. And our proprietary purification technology was purpose-built for space-grade applications to produce silicones with the highest level of purity in the industry.

Quality System4/5

Developed in direct response to our work in the most challenging environments, our quality sytem is a systematic approach to achieving consistent quality that goes far beyond what you'd expect.


Our work in the most challenging environments necessitated a systematic approach to achieving consistent quality. So we developed a quality system, built on a foundation of unsurpassed medical implant and aerospace standards. Three decades later, this approach continues to guide our quality standards for all of the industries that we serve.

With our quality system, we go beyond what you would normally expect, combining the best of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 9100 and select cGMP standards. And our chemists and engineers understand that there's no room for failure, so our goal is zero defect from product design to full-scale manufacturing.

Industry leaders depend on our robust manufacturing capabilities to provide unparalleled quality and consistency every time. The combination of our quality system, scalability and global regulatory expertise results in an operational mastery that takes our products from the lab to commercial scale with speed and dependability.

NuSil Care5/5

High-risk industries demand a higher level of care. Over time, we've refined our support systems to meet the high-touch needs of our customers, delivering support throughout the entire commercialization process.


Over the years, we've dedicated ourselves to developing an unmatched level of customer support tailored to the unique needs of our customers. It's called NuSil Care, and today, it's our standard across all industries.

In contrast with other suppliers that have transitioned to web-based service models and broad-based distribution, NuSil Care is centered around providing customers with direct access to the expertise of our technical team.

This face-to-face service model delivers support throughout the entire commercialization process, from product design to launch and approval. And our global regulatory expertise and experience with international agencies (including FDA, EMEA and CFDA), is seamlessly integrated to ensure that you are in compliance.

Our customer care practices have led to numerous supplier awards for the NuSil™ brand and - more importantly - the trust and distinction of being the premiere choice of the world's leading Life Sciences and Advanced Engineering companies.

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